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    Marketing eAuctions for Internal Stakeholders

    Dede Pitts Novice

      Have you had successful internal marketing communications campaigns to foster interest in eAuctions?  What were some of the ways that stakeholders were informed and engaged in the eAuction process?

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          Srini Varadarajan Master

          This is a great topic and I am eager to find out how others are generating support. We have had mixed support. The savings opportunity generated by eAuction paved the way the next one but there are still areas that are resistant.


          I understand that there are companies that auctions over 40% of their spend. What best business practice do you implement to generate that volume?

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            keegandl@corning.com Apprentice

            We are currently developing an internal roadshow to help emphasize the benefits of eAuctions. This follows a change on how we are measuring them, and then evolution takes us from counting events to tracking based on two metrics - % savings and % spend. Everyone has a personal objective tied to the goals. One of the challenges of the internal marketing is developing/creating/finding materials that will help the effort.