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    Ariba LIVE London: What do you want to see?

    Justin Fogarty Master

      This is an "open thread" for Ariba LIVE 2011 London. So if you have questions, ideas or comments on the event, please post them here.

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          Lenie Borghuis Newbie

          Hello Justin,


          I like to hear more about the influences on performance. We have the Ariba On Demand package modules Contracts, Sourcing and Suppliers.

          We did have severe problems with the response time and still noticed some response problems.


          I know the impact of the network. I would like to hear the impact of Ariba system itself.

          Like what technical features is used by Ariba, indexing every day/night, compressing, paging, and so on.


          We noticed slow response when the template of the Questionnaire is updated. Opening a supplier takes 10 to 20 seconds instead of the usual 3 seconds.

          There is since 10s2 a new upgrade feature working in the background. This is working so slow that the upgrade is already done on all suppliers by opening before hand.

          Of the 11.000 suppliers only 370 were upgraded in the background the others were already done.

          The upgrade was started on Nov. 6e and ready on Dec. 12e.


          What is the relation between the amount of questions in the Questionnaires/D-forms together with the amount of Suppliers concerning the response?

          Is there a formula and/or break even point?



          Kind Regards, Lenie Borghuis