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    Sourcing Library Access

    Peter Walsh Apprentice

      HI Everyone.  I have a question regarding the Sourcing Library.  I am trying to add a content document.  I am a template creator and have some "super user" access, however I do not have administrative rights to the site and therefore cannot verify my permissions.  In our Sourcing traning yesterday under Actions, there was an option to Create Conent Document.  However, when I log in and navigate to the Actions menu bar within the Library the only 2 options I see are:






      This seems like a permission based restriction.  Does anyone know if infact it is and how to specifically remove it so that I can add content?



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          David Morel Master

          Peter,  First thing, did you contact support with this question?  If not, do that because they are the best way to get such questions addressed in a timely manner.  Second, most likely this is a Team issue on the sourcing Library.  You need to realize that the Sourcing Library is a Project Workspace similar to a Sourcing Full Project.  You will want to access the sourcing Library, click "Detailed View" link in upper right hand corner.  This changes the appearance to that which you are more familiar with project workspaces.  If you can't see the Team tab, click on "Actions" in the Overview window, select "Full View".  You will want to make sure that you are a team member and that you have a role as Active Team Member.