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    Ariba On-Demand App

    knaughton Apprentice

      Question for Ariba employees:


      Is Ariba currently looking at developing an iPhone and iPad app for its entire on-demand suite. With a focus on making business commerce more consumer-like, I would think this would be a natural next step.





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          Tim Fabiniak Master

          I can't say whether or not we've got an app in development, I'll leave that to the product managers to address. (It's not a secrecy thing, I just don't know...) But a side note: for most of the functionality, you can use Ariba just fine with Safari. It's a little tough due to the iPhone's small screen, but it works pretty well on the iPad.


          In fact, in my training class today, a student's computer was acting up and she switched to iPad. It's starting to become a bit more common. I agree that an app would be better, but don't discount the iPad as an Ariba tool right now.

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            Leslie Martensen Master



            We have been talking about what areas we should focus on for mobile applications. We need to prioritize what applications to do first, what customers expect etc. I would like to talk to you indepth about your needs and requests.


            Please send me an email at lmartensen@ariba.com. Then we can setup a time to talk over the phone.


            Leslie Martensen

            Sr. Solutions Manager - Platform