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    Where in the upgrade process are customers performing Suite Integration?

    Jason Dombrowski Expert

      We are currently upgrading from Buyer 8.1 and Sourcing 4.3 to the 9R1 platform for both. This project includes a double-hop so to speak where we upgrade to Buyer 8.2 and Sourcing 4.4 prior to upgrading to 9R1. In two successful upgrades of our development and QA instances, we did not perform the suite integration between Sourcing and Buyer until both platforms were upgraded to 9R1. It has been recommended by Tech Support however to first perform the Suite Integration between Buyer 8.2 and Sourcing 9R1 before upgrading to Buyer 9R1. Unfortunately, this approach would require significantly longer cutover downtime due to the serial nature of the upgrade tasks. In other words, we could not upgrade to Buyer 9R1 until the suite integration was complete. We are also finding that the Suite Integration between Buyer 8.2 and Sourcing 9R1 is taking much longer than when both

      platforms are on the 9R1. We believe this is due to hardware and network related differences.


      For those who have upgraded from Buyer 8.2 and Sourcing 4.4 to 9R1 (or took on the dubious challenge of a double hop like we have), did you upgrade to Sourcing 9R1 and then perform the Suite Integration to Buyer 8.2 or did you upgrade both to the 9R1 platform and then perform the Suite Integration?


      Any responses are greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance

      Jason Dombrowski