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    Incorporating PO data into Spend Vis - Suggestions?

    Gavin Pratt Journeyman

      We have an Oracle Procure to Pay (P2P) solution in place, and currently taking Oracle Account Payable (AP) extractions into Ariba Spend Vis.  I have questions about now upgrading our use of ASV to incorporate purchase order data from our P2P system.


      I know what the Ariba PO table looks like, but not being close to the P2P (Oracle) project we have just recently implemented (less than one month old) - I am struggling with the overall concept.  Looking for advice or help on what others have done.


      OK so here is my first assumption (we know what happens when you assume) - the P2P life cycle: requisition created, purchase order created, purchase order goes out the door, invoicing occurs (potentially partial invoicing if order is not fully implemented); payment is made aka AP transaction created.


      I get this at a high level.  Now when we talk about mixing PO data into ASV - what is the common practice in regards to the lifecycle I mentioned?  Is the PO information only brought in once the process is complete? (Meaning payment is made, payment creates an AP transaction - and any tied PO transactions are pulled) OR do other customers pull the world of PO data in (completed/paid plus the in progress/mid-lifecycle) and only connect the paid ones to AP?


      I think it has to be the first - PO data only for those completed/paid.  But as you can probably tell by the lack of expertise in my question I can't discern if this is an "of course dummy" or "could do either" type of question.

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          Ken Miklos Master



          I see you posted this question a while back with no response. As Ariba's Spend Vis Marketing Manager and former SV Project Manager, allow me to chime in. Spend Visibility data does tend to be for a snapshot in time. For example, under most conditions you would not use the solution to track consumption on a contract. Therefore, your suggestion of posting the PO once "finalized" may be a good one unless you have an open PO with ongoing payments against. In this case, you want to see the PO details against the invoice and therefore want to be sure it is posted. In this case, keep in mind you can always reload a record in any table in Spend Vis with updated information. As long as the key fields are the same, a new record will overwrite the old.


          Does this match your experience thus far? Anything to add?