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    Mobile telecoms in Australia

    Andrew Gill Master



      We're starting to look at this category and wondered if anyone has any experience to share


      thanks in advance




      Andrew Gill | Global eSourcing Manager | Reed Elsevier


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          Sharon Horton, PMP Master

          So, Andrew, it's been a while since I've sourced in Mobile telecoms.  Off the top of my head, here's a list of topics.  (Obviously, I've probably missed a bunch):


          1.  Handheld equipment (what products are available, choices, features, etc.)

          2.  Backbone network (coverage areas, network speed, outages and lack of service issues)

          3.  Customer service and problem resolution

          4.  Add-ons (voicemail, data packages, etc.)

          5.  Costs


          My experience is more global than focusing on Australia only, but it seems the considerations might be:


          1. Coverage

          2. Signal quality

          3. age of network

          4.  Perhaps this is minor, but if you have equipment and carrier in Australia, what happens when you travel internationally?


          Anyone else have any thoughts?