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    P2P contracts

    Lou Valdes Journeyman

      Is there a way to upload version 2 (etc.) of a contract in P2P?



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          lpoudoulec Expert

          Hi Lou


          When you have a contract in P2P, you can update it in an excel format. The existing contract will be updated (a V2 created) and the approval flow will restart. The contracts needs to be in "Composing" status so that it can be re-loaded.


          Hope this helps.

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              lpoudoulec Expert

              Hi Lou


              Thank you for your email.


              The best practice is:

              1. Move the contract status to composing: Edit CR55 so it becomes CR55-V2. Exit and Save.
              2. Open CR55-V2 and export to Excel.
              3. Update your contract and upload it.


              If you exported the contract before step 1 then yes you need to manually increase the version.


              If this still does not work, please tell me what the exact problem you're encountering is. Depending on the issue, you may need to log a ticket with our customer support.


              Have a good day.