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    Changing Notification Recipients

    Brenda Griesser Journeyman

      Our company changes personnel and function often.  I have loaded 200 contracts for which Ariba sends expiration and task notifications.  Is there a way to search the workspace and find a person's name in order to replace with another name for notifications??

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          Sharon Horton, PMP Master

          Good morning again, Brenda.


          Expiration notifications are generated for 2 groups:


          1.  The Owner and all members of the Project Owner group on the Teams tab.  Also note that the roles of Project Owner or Contract Administrator will get these notifications as well.


          2.  In the Contract Term Attributes section of the overview, there are 2 fields:  Expiration Email Recipients and Notice Email Recipients.


          In addition, under certain circumstances, tasks can send notifications too.


          If you want to change 1 user to another for all projects, you can use Administration -> Project Manager -> Replace User in All Projects.  However, usually customers want to replace users on a more limited basis, such as Change User 1 to User 2 for these 5 contracts and then change User 1 to User 3 for these 23 or Change User 1 to User 2 for Published Contract Workspaces but don't touch Sourcing Projects.  For this, you would need to use Mass Edit Projects.  Then, after all of these fine tunings took place, you could run Replace User in All Projects if you wanted to make sure.


          First, you would search and add your projects, then, to replace users in Item 1 above, you would Select Field for Owner and Select Project Groups to change Team members.  To replace users in Item 2 above, you would select the Expiration Email Recipients and Notice Email Recipients fields and make the changes.


          As a side note, where possible, to avoid these types of constant changes, many customers use custom groups for notices.  Then, as users move in and out of responsibilities or leave the company, the maintenance is to the groups in User Administration rather than having to mass edit the contract workspaces.

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