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    9r1 Integration

    David Leonard Journeyman

      Welcome everyone to the new OnPremise community in Exchange!  In this thread I would like to discuss integration in 9r1.  It has been revamped since 8.2.2 (via the loss of Tibco) and has introduced the new WebServices channel, which provides more flexibility in planning your real-time interfaces. 


      To start things off, I am attaching an overview deck that I find helpful when introducing a customer to 9r1 integration concepts, whether they are new to Ariba or if they are "stuck with what they have" and are looking for new avenues to explore in terms of enabling business processes.  The deck is short and is specific to integrating with SAP, but generically it speaks to the capabilities of 9r1, highlights the differences from the 8.2.2 architecture, and shows a few screen shots of the Netweaver interface for WebServices.  I find the last bit to be quite helpful in grounding the discussion with pseduo-technical team members...it sure helps to have a few screen shots to make the concepts more concrete.


      I would like to hear from the forum!  If you have any novel uses of our messaging framework to share, whether that be master data loads, transaction push/pull, or real-time validation solutions.  As this community gains traction I will work on getting some of my colleagues to share more information, tips and tricks, etc. on the Web Services channel as well.


      Ariba has been friendly toward integration since the start, and I would like this forum to help keep pushing us forward, so please feel free to reach out to me or post requests to the community regarding our integration capabilities and/or requesting enhancements or new capabilities.



      Dave Leonard

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          nareshk Expert

          Hi David


          It has been close to 10 months since we have upgraded our environment to 9r1 and we are using Ariba Integration Tool Kit to integrate with our Oracle Financials (11i) ERP. However, using this ITK for transactional data has introduced a considerable lead time to convert a PO from Ordering to Ordered. The lead time that we currently have is close to 90 min which is not reasonable. So, we are looking into other possible integration approaches for Oracle Financials. What other mechanisms does Ariba plan to support in the future for Oracle ERP integration. Any road map for Oracle Fusion middleware integration support?



          Naresh K.

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              Scott Corbett Master

              Hi Naresh - I was wondering why it takes 90 minutes to convert a PO from Ordering to Ordered? Is it due to the volume of orders, or are there scheduled batch jobs that have a turnaround time of 90 minutes? We're considering using ITK for SAP PO integration ...

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              Lars De Jong Expert

              Hi David,


              I am trying to use the ITK to export Data from the Ariba Database into a CSV file, I have used the Sample Properties files and the  Bat files to try and make this happen, but it is not working.


              Can you please or anyone else help me with the files to make this happen or any assistance.



              Lars De Jong