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    Closed Bids as an e-Auction

    mphonasa Journeyman

      Does anyone have any real life examples or articles or even your opinions on whether a closed bid is considered an e-Auction? We are having to justify this to my managers and would like your opinions on the matter. Thank you.

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          smadrid Newbie

          Do you allow supplier's to see their rank?  If not, I would have a hard time considering an event where no information is availablel to supplier the same as an eAuction.  In my opinion, an eAuction should drive competition among suppliers.  If all information is closed, how do they compete?

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            April Miller Apprentice

            I agree with smadrid.  To reference the Ariba Event Management Help Guide: "A reverse auction is a real-time online event during which participants submit competitive bids for specific goods or services… Auctions are directly competitive and allow the real-time exchange of information between participants."


            If you do not provide any type of market feedback (rank, lead bid, full disclosure) participants cannot compete and revise bids based on this exchange of information.  In this case, I would consider your sealed bid an RFP. 

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              Florian Boehme Expert

              The question has already been answered in perfect detail.


              A competitive bidding event must display competitive information as mentioned above. It may only be added, that you may also display information in a transformed manner.


              We have created some addtional terms for competitive bidding events (no matter if english, reverse english, dutch, reverse dutch or japanese or ..):

              • E-Bidding = indecisive, award/choice is resting with the buyer. Supplier does not get automatic award <which results in lower motivation by supplier and misses the direct influence on the outcome by supplier>
              • E-Auction = decisive, award is based on pre-defined terms.


              I hope this is helpful in extending your view on this.


              May I ask you to share, how your discussions have turned? It would be nice to give back to the community.


              Thank you and kind regards, Florian