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    Adding 'Green' questions to RFx templates

    rishma.johnston Apprentice

      Would anyone like to share their common Corporate Sustainability Responsibility & Ethical Procurement Practices questions that organizations include in their RFx templates within specific commodities??

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          Ian Stirling Novice

          Hi, I can't help directly as we are still finalising this content - and we're still considering the best manner to publish this questionnaire.


          I'd be interested to know if you look into the Profile Questionnaire function to facilitate this or was it always your intent to add this to the Sourcing Library content to allow users to pull it into their RFx events? We are looking at the Profile Questionnaire option as it would allow for automated annual publication to all affected suppliers, although has limitations in content mflexibility.

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            Neil Hubbard Novice

            This may help, we have compromised, set some "standard" questions on the supplier profile and then we add specific "green" questions that are relevant to the event.  We have only just taken this approach.  All questions are built in conjunction with our environment manger. We also include a question in the RFX that asks if the respondent has completed question X on the profile.


            Hope this give you some ideas?

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                Ian Stirling Novice

                Thanks Neil, we hadn't considered a joint approach for this. I'll discuss this with our CSR team and see if it fits their requirements as it would make the variable questions section that we'd normally want to pull into each RFx event much smaller and concise.


                As a side note, have you integrated your Buyer and Sourcing systems? We currently have not and so have to manually add suppliers into Sourcing, even if they already sit as existing active suppliers in Buyer. If yes, would you recommend this integration? Thanks

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                marc ensign Journeyman

                We ask several environmental 'interest' questions in our supplier setup process, but are also looking into adding standard sustainability questions as part of every RFx.  Would greatly appreciate knowing any best/worst practices.  

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                    tminahan Master



                    Environmentally responsible sourcing has been a focus of mine for quite sometime. Over on www.SupplyExcellence.com -- Ariba Exchange's sister (mother?) blog -- I've profiled the sustainable supply practices of companies ranging from Walmart and Toyota to Hewlett-Packard and Starbucks. There are some generally shared principles when laying out a sustainable supply chain strategy -- not the least of which is showing an equal (if not greater) business benefit for every eco-benefit in your plan -- remembering to calculate lower procurement and process costs as well as avoided disposal costs.


                    My fellow Supply Excellence contributor offers a more specific answer to your question by recommending that you add the following questions to your RFx template:


                    • Do you have energy efficient production technology?
                    • Do you have manufacturing facilities running on renewable energy?
                    • What are your waste management strategies (i.e. recycling or landfill or composting)?
                    • Do you have an Social and Environmental Corporate Responsibility Program?
                    • Do you have an environmental management system (EMS)?
                    • Do you consider environmental issues in the design process?
                    • Do you provide any data on your company’s environmental impacts?
                    • Are any toxic materials in your manufacturing process? If so, please identify.
                    • Do you incorporate any recycled material, particularly from post-consumer sources, in your production?
                    • Are you Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified?
                    • Are you Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified?
                    • Are you ISO 14001 certified?


                    One final recommendation: don't be too prescriptive to suppliers when it comes to how much they should contribute to your sustainability initiatives or how they should do it. They are the experts in their products and the processes and materials required to produce them. As such, savvy suppliers will be able to provide even greater eco- and cost-friendly recommendations that you had imagined. And the results should deliver a triumverate of benefits: to you, you supplier, and the environment.

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                    Rod McColl Apprentice

                    Hello Rishma

                    A couple of guidelines that we use over this part of the world.  You may find them helpful





                    Regards Rod