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    SPQ Reporting - How to change reportable fields

    Patrick Lewis Journeyman

      Setting up / editing SPQ field reporting has been tricky until the following trick was stumbled upon.





      Once an SPQ field in Ariba is set to Use in Analytical Reporting = Yes, the fields remains reportable even after the field is deleted or the Use in Analytical Reporting is set to No, forever using up one of the available reportable field slots.




      The following steps will allow you to reassign a deleted reportable field:





      A) If the field is only being renamed and the data should not be lost, then simply rename the field.

      Please note that any edits short of deleting the field can pretty much fall under this prerequisite. If the field has not been deleted (and will not be deleted), then simply renaming the field is the easiest solution.




      B) Reportable fields can only be reassigned to like-data-type-fields. That is - short text can only be reassigned to short text, numeric to numeric, Boolean to Boolean, and so on.

      Since there are only a limited number of fields available for each data type, this limitation does not make a difference since the limits still apply. If another data-type is needed, either reassign another field with the same data type, or create a new reportable field (assuming there are slots remaining for that data-type).



      Steps to reassign a deleted reportable field:

      1. From the SPQ in edit mode, select [Add] + Organization Field Question
      2. Select the previously reportable field from the list of Organization Field Questions. Even though the question is no longer in the SPQ, it will still appear in the Organization Field Questions list.*
      3. Rename the question and rename the "Short Name."
      4. Publish the SPQ.




      *Note: Take care not to select an actual profile organization question (questions that appear in the top section before the SPQ) since these questions cannot be reassigned.




      Once the steps above are completed, you can check to ensure the field is reportable: Review the field in the SPQ and check that "Use in analytical reporting" is set to yes.




      The following video link demonstrates this process. While the video shows the deletion of the field, this process will work with any previously deleted reportable field, even if the SPQ has been published after deletion.