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    Do you use UNSPSC's?

    Sybil Sheppard Master

      We are currently working to integrate commodity codes throughout our up and downstream systems.  We are using a list of commodity codes we pulled from the UNSPSC website as a starting point, but find that many of our commodities do not neatly fit into these categories and are curious to see how/if other companies use them.  We would like to know:


      1. Do you use UNSPSC's or have you created your own homegrown commodities?  ...or a combination of both?
      2. If you use homegrown commodities, has there been any negative impact from not standardizing with the UNSPSC list?
      3. Are you a voting member on the UNSPSC site?  If so, have you added your own commodities to the UNSPSC list?


      Thank you for your time!  

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          Craig Fischer Journeyman


               I asked my coworker, who manages commodity schema at my company, and here is his reponse to your question.


          1. We use a combination of both.
          2. No specific negative impact. Comment: Homegrown allows us to enable our internal business. However, the lack of a good commodity standard prevents us from accurate benchmarking within the industry or carry out comparative studies across other areas. Separately, we cope and struggle with discrepancies and “translations” between internal needs around enabling procurement and order fulfillment and external needs such as export/import or FTZ transactions and activities where HTS is used as opposed to UNSPSC.
          3. (a) No, our company did not join. (b) Hence, we have not. UNSPSC codes have gaps; descriptions are inadequate and or archaic for the semiconductor industry. It does not keep pace with technology advancements; the reason why we create our own.
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              boris.sifuentes@molex.com Newbie



              We are in the process of looking ways to implement UNSPSC's. We understand the limitations of the taxonomy itself but feel it's more robust than our current system. We are looking for ways to categorize our indirect spending. My question is: how does your company tag items purchased from external vendors to UNSPSC codes? Do you use material numbers for indirect spending? Your help would be greatly appreciated.



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                Hemant Upadhyaya Novice

                hi Boris, how did you create your own categorization/taxonomy? did you manage to tag UNSPSC with custom defined categories so that if improves search functionality?