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    MS Office 2010 support for Contract Clauses?

    Mike Uddin Expert

      Does anyone know roughly MS Office 2010 will be 'formally' supported in Ariba onDemand for the Clause Library and contract authoring?   (e.g. 3Q2011? 4Q2011?)

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          Craig Fischer Journeyman


               We submitted a SR ( 1-682668551) to the Ariba OnConnect back on March 21st asking the same question as you.  We got a response from Nick Bell, a Technical Support Engineer, that "Unfortunately, Ariba does not yet support the use of Microsoft Office 2010 with it's products. At this time, we are unsure as to when we will be able to support this newest version of the Microsoft Office Suite. Because we do not yet support Office 2010, the results of using the product with the functions you outlined are unsure. Please look for future notifications and Alerts from Ariba concerning Microsoft Office 2010 and when we fully support it for use with our products."


                   Much like you, we are curious as to when Ariba will support this.  In the meantime, we are getting a test laptop loaded with MS Office 2010 and will test to see if any issue occur.




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              Mike Uddin Expert

              Thank you, Craig.  I am running Win7-64 and Office 2010 (oh, and for kicks IE9), but we have not yet built our clause library so I cannot perform multiple tests.  I suppose the worst case scenario is to always save Office 2010 docs in 2007 or 2003 format.  It appears from basic testing on another laptop (XP w/Office 2003) that you would need to create contract templates for each version of MS Word.


              Hopefully we'll hear whether/when Ariba plans to support Office 2010.  If you uncover any issues in your tests, I would be most interested.  My thinking is that we have not standardized as an enterprise on a version of Office so it might be best to go with the latest version and require anyone using the Clause Library to upgrade to 2010.  Of course, that would be ill-advised unless Ariba will support Office 2010 prior to us completing a buildout and pilot of our clause library...


              Thanks again,

              - Mike

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              jreeves Master

              Hi - MS Office 2010 support is a key priority for us in our 12s1 release which is scheduled for the first half of 2012.  Please keep an eye out for communications regarding our Early Access Program for this release such that you can preview and use the functionality prior to the release.


              I want to encourage you to use our Enhancement Request Process for filing enhancements on connect.ariba.com.  This will allow us to keep you up to date on changes to our plans regarding this enhancement.  You will also be notified when the feature is implemented.


              Thank You

              Jeremy Reeves

              Solutions Manager - Contracts