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    Ariba Inactivity Logout Notification

    Mike Uddin Expert

      Are there others out there who would prefer Ariba's notification behaved similar to Oracle Peoplesoft's logout notification?


      It seems in tabbed browsing that Ariba's pop-up within the tab/browser window is insufficient.  In contrast, when Oracle/Peoplesoft is about to log out a user after X minutes of inactivity, a new---very small---browser window pops up and blinks to notify no matter which browser tab (or other application) the user may have active/in the forefront at a given moment.  A separate-but-related enhancement submitted is that the inactivity time period should be customer-configurable rather than 30 minutes for all customers users.  But that is apparently a much more difficult nut for Ariba to crack in its OnDemand environment.

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          Jason Brown Master



          --> Like! <--


          I am wondering: 1) how often this occurs for users, 2) what should be the optimal number "warning number of minutes" before session times out. I find this a very useful feature when I am in a banking application or in applications doing tasks that take a while and so there is a liklihood that you would be interrupted mid-stream.


          Anybody else want to weigh in on the issue?


          - Jason


          P.S. As for the configurable 30 minutes inactivity session timeout that is a general security issue and needs to be consistent across all tenants in a multi-tenant environment.

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            Mike Uddin Expert

            I searched Connect.Ariba.com and was surprised not to find an ER submitted.  So today I submitted ER 1-BP05OB to address both the length of inactivity allowed as well as the visibility of the logout warning.  Customers of OnDemand who require such a 30-minute restriction should perhaps pay for their own environment (shared with any others who have similar restrictions) rather than penalize all customers with this overly-restrictive inactivity logout.  Additionally, for more complete mindshare, Ariba should want its users to 'log in and stay in' unless a security requirement within their company requires otherwise.