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    9r1 PO Change/Cancel with PeopleSoft Integration

    Roban Kearby Novice



      My name is Roban Kearby and I just took over at Sallie Mae, Inc. as our E-Procurement Administrator for our on-site implementation of Ariba 9r1.


      I'm currently trying to figure out how to implement Purchase Order Change/Cancel for our implementation. We meet most criteria outline in the Ariba documentation to which we have access, but we do not use Ariba for receiving/invoicing. Instead, we use PeopleSoft. We have processes in place for transitioning new PO reqs over to PS, but we do not have a process in place for doing Change/Cancel.


      I was wondering if anyone out there has experience in this area, as we'd like to adapt the steps in Ariba's PeopleSoft Integration Guide while recognizing that we need to modify our process a bit to account for the fact that we don't do invoicing via Ariba.'



      Roban Kearby