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    9r1 - Modifying Email Notification Functionality

    Roban Kearby Novice

      Hello again,


      I've got another conceptual issue that I'm tackling here at Sallie Mae...


      I plan on figuring out a way to modify our email notification pushes (for certain e-flows) so that they only push notifications to an Outlook resource mailbox (in other words, to an email address associated with a specific Ariba group). With that, the goal is to still have the users within this group able to log into Ariba with their exsiting, individual accounts to do approvals, without themselves having received the multiple email notifications.


      Anyone have experience in this area? It seems to me like this would be a situation that has been encountered previously.




      Roban Kearby


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          Jennifer Satterwhite Journeyman


          Moved your post into the 9r1 group for more exposure.  Hopefully one of the couple hundred members of this group will respond to your inquiry!

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            Tommy Lee Master

            Hi Roban,


            Thinking about this a little bit, have you considered creating an administrative user (think "aribasystem") and tying the user's e-mail address to the e-mail inbox.  The administrative user could be added as group member on the approval flow and would receive any notifications.  Normal end users could control there e-mails via there personal preferences.


            The other option is to use the SMTPAddressBCC parameter which copies every e-mail the system sends out to a specific e-mail box.  This might not be practical though because you are talking about potentially thousands of e-mails.


            I'd try explore the first option before trying to customize the notification engine.


            Hope this helps,


            Tommy Lee

            Ariba Consulting


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                Roban Kearby Novice

                We are certainly weighing the two approaches you mentioned.


                The first approach is definitely under consideration for us. It would basically boil down to us doing exactly what you mentioned... creating an 'admin' account (associated with a specific approval group) that has its own Outlook 2007 resource mailbox and then instructing the individual end-users in that group on how to set up email rules that'll dump all their extra Ariba email into an archive folder... thus the resource mailbox becomes the primary repository for the Ariba notification emails.


                The second, more code-based approach is still a little beyond my grasp since I'm still learning the 9r1 back-end. That said, we'd love to find a code-based solution for our desired setup because we don't want our end-users to rely on email rules in order to manage Ariba notifications if we can help it.


                Ultimately, our goals here are as follows:

                • Cut down on the amount of email generated via Ariba
                • Remove multi-user redundancy (and create approval accountability) by utilizing a group-based resource mailbox


                If we can succeed in these categories to some extent, we'll be quite happy.


                Your advice is much appreciated, thanks for your response!!!


                Roban Kearby

                E-Procurement Administrator

                Salle Mae, Inc.

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                    Tommy Lee Master

                    Hi Roban,


                    One additional thought was to set the default notification preferences to off for end-users.  Each user has customizable e-mail “Preferences” per approvable type.


                    Preferences -> Change email notification preferences


                    With some scripting or a customized scheduled task, you could programatically set up thethe Preferences on the User object such that they are turned off by default or set to Summary.  This could reduce the volume of e-mails initially.


                    Hope this helped,


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                  Scott Corbett Master

                  I don't know if this is acceptable within your organization, however you could set all the user's email address of the group to the Outlook group inbox address. This would obviously impact all notifications these users would get, but depending on the scope of their work, it may be feasible. You could have a post user load trigger that sets user email addresses of certain groups based on a stored mapping.


                  We had a requirement to have our IT Desktop Services group be added as a watcher of all End user Device orders. We created a "dummy user" that contained the Outlook group inbox as the user email address and added that user to the group that gets added to the approval flow.


                  Modifying the notification code is more likely than not a core code change, so it's best to workaround that.


                  Perhaps you should consider submitting an enhancement request to allow a Group or Role to have an email address and then parameterize whether or not enable this feature. If enabled, there should be an option to CC the Group/Role email address and still send to the user in the group/role directly, or have the option to bypass emailing users directly and only send to the group/role email address.