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    Visibility to Contract Terms

    Keith York Apprentice

      We have a high priority request from our user base to provide transparency to contract terms and conditions.  These Ts and Cs would not ordinarily be captured in Ariba Contract Compliance as they're contract terms not pricing terms.  The information needed includes things like Termination Fees, limitations of liability, right to use fees for services and language for things like most favored pricing, and maintenance terms.   All that information is buried in print on the contract currently and is not systemically accessible.


      Is there a way to make that information reportable/visibile without adding the fields to the Project Header?  The request is for a total of over 30 fields of information and the idea of putting all those fields is not palatable.  Also curious if this is a request that any other organizations have seen.  I always have a hard time believing we're the only ones with this requirement.

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          Sharon Horton, PMP Master



          d-Forms sound like a perfect solution


               - no additional header fields

               - completely configurable

               - could be configured by contract type, i.e. these fields for software licenses, these for equipment, these for services, etc.

               - all fields reportable

               - can have review, approval and/or notification task(s) associated, so if certain terms need to be approved by legal for example (Limitation of Liability?)

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