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    Has anyone created a standard Nondisclosure Agreement to use as a prerequisite in all RFxs that you would be willing to share?

    Susan Cunningham Expert

      We are currently using our bank's standard nondisclosure agreement that we populate with the sourcing project name, sign & include in PDF format as a prerequisite/gate for access to all RFXs. The participant must sign & upload fully executed NDA, we must approve, then we give them access to the RFX.  The problem being many companies push back on certain terms we have included and we end up in a Word redline emailing fiasco.  We are working with legal to come up with a standard concise agreement that would be more widely accepted, but like most places, our legal resources are constrained and it isn't getting the priority to get completed.  Our goal is to have the terms as a prerequisite question where the participant must select, "we agree to these terms" prior to getting access to the RFX


      Any other thoughts, ideas, best practices to share?




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