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    What do you do with Ariba's reporting functionality?

    Tim Fabiniak Master

      Ariba Education is developing a new course to teach Ariba customers how to run, edit, and build reports. Ariba has a pretty good selection of canned reports, but as part of this course, we were hoping to show users how to build some "real-life" examples.


      We were hoping we could get some ideas from our existing userbase: what kind of reports do you run? Is there anything you had to learn the hard way and wish you could have been taught upfront? Is there anything you'd like to build but have difficulties figuring out how?


      I'm hoping to get some specific examples: "I run a contract report that shows all contracts expiring in the next three months by owner and includes details like ..." We'll take some of the best ideas and suggestions and build them into the course.

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          Ryan Allshouse Newbie

          Hi Tim,

          Great Post!


          Here are some reporting examples I am working with right now at CH2M HILL:

          • Spend by Supplier and UNSPSC code
          • Spend by project number
          • Spend by business group
          • Spend by geography

          Spend would come from enriched Invoice data.

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            Sandy Wagner Expert

            We have the Contract Management Pro only but we use reporting extensively.  Some of those reports are listed below:


            • Weekly In Process (draft)
            • Weekly In Process with Project Tasks
            • Weekly to Active (published)
            • Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly SOX reports
            • Ad Hoc reports for different business units, contract groups, etc.
            • Ad Hoc reports myself for all contracts belonging to a Supplier across all business units.


            If there were to be a training class on reporting, I would sign up for it right away.  Any help in making sure I'm using the correct parameters, etc. would help me with fine tuning our reporting.

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                Beverly Dunn Master

                When analyzing your company’s contracts, you might typically ask the following questions:


                How is my company using contracts?

                You might want to analyze contracts by commodity, supplier, or

                organization. Who are your suppliers and how many contracts do you have with them? Which parts of

                your company are creating those contracts? Is your company re-using standard clauses, or modifying

                them for each contract? Once you view your contract data, you can investigate further by asking: are there

                areas of overlap, and where can you consolidate?


                What contract activity can I anticipate in the near future?

                You can analyze contracts by expiration or

                start date. What contracts are expiring in the next three or six months? What contracts are starting? Which

                parts of your company are responsible for these contracts? After viewing the data, you can delve into

                operational efficiency: are there any bottlenecks? What are they costing you?


                Is my company’s spend compliant with contracts?

                You can analyze contract and non-contract spend by

                commodity, supplier, or organization. Do you have contract and non-contract spend for the same

                commodity, or with the same supplier? Are you buying some commodities without contracts? Which

                parts of your company are spending on contract and which parts aren’t? After comparing contract and

                non-contract spend, you can determine sourcing opportunities and areas for consolidation.



                Be sure to check out the Customer Success Group on Exchange   to find our Lunch and Learn Replays.  We have done a number of sessions around the Contract Management Professional module.  Also attached is an Ariba Knowledge Nugget on Contract Management reporting.....hope this helps!


                Beverly Dunn

                Customer Success