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    How do you track commitment and spend across multiple departments?

    Sybil Sheppard Master

      We are struggling with how to track our commitment (contractual commitment & PO commitment) and actual spend across multiple departments.  Currently we allow users to select multiple departments when creating contract workspaces, etc., however when we run reports we receive multiple entries (1 entry for each department chosen), which inflates our numbers, and If we run reports by department, the numbers are also inflated because the total dollar amount does not reflect the percentage of the department's spend....for example, Marketing and IT may be partnering on a new piece of software, and are splitting the cost 50/50.  If I pull all contracts, I will see an entry for Marketing and an entry for IT, inflating my total contracts # and my total $$.  If I run a report on just Marketing, I will see one entry, however the cost will reflect the total of the contract, not their 50%.





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          Sharon Horton, PMP Master

          Although I don't have an example specific to Spend Across Multiple Departments, we use a d-form to track Overall Savings from certain categories.  I've attached a screenshot.


          The d-form configuration could take some possible alternative structures.  If you always divide by the number of departments, your fields might look like this:


               Spend     Number of Departments     Spend per Department

                                                                      [A calculated field]


          If you divide unevenly, your fields might look like this:


               Department     Spend     (or) Spend Percentage and then Spend (Calculated)


          Now, in your reporting, you can list the overall spend from the profile field and then the department spend from the d-form, which ever way you approach it.