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    Inactivating a Vendor with Outstanding Invoices

    Jerry VanScoter Expert

      We are using P2P and have found a gap we are looking for a solution to.  We want to be able to prevent people from purchasing from a vendor that we need to inactivate for whatever reason.  However, we can't inactivate the vendor in P2P until they have submitted their final invoices and they have been processed along with remittances.  This leaves the possibility that a requester can create a new requisition that would further delay the inactivation.


      Does anyone have a solution for this issue?  The source of truth for vendors is our ERP system so they don't want to inactivate vendors either until the last invoice is paid.  In the past, working with various ERP systems, I have seen functionality to disallow purchasing from a vendor while keeping the vendor active in the system for accounting purposes.  Our ERP system has this capability but what about P2P?