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    Microsoft 2010

    Clare Peet Novice



      My company has recently upgraded to Microsoft 2010.  However, you may have noticed on the discussions or your trawls through other company's enhancement requests that 2010 is not yet supported by Ariba.  I have had to put on hold pilot activity I was undertaking on Contract Authoring for this reason.


      I have raised an enhancement request today.  There are a few other enhancement requests on the same subject - the current status from Ariba is 'candidate for future release'.


      My plea today is - if you have or are planning to upgrade to 2010 - to encourage you to put in an enhancement request.  The more requests received the more chance of a speedy resolution for all of us!!!


      Many thanks


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          Kim Luciano Newbie

          Hi Clare,


          We are also in the process of upgrading to MS Office 2010 and are concerned about the length of time it is going to take to implement the enhancement with version 12s1. We have also logged an enhancement request and I have seen several other users who have concerns. We are currently evaluating our situation and may have to put our contract authoring project on hold. 


          I'd be interested to see if any other customers have a workaround or if we're on hold awaiting for the enhancement.