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    Contingent or Contract Labour

    Rod McColl Apprentice

      We are interested in utilising Ariba to manage our Temps and Contractors (Contingent Labour).  Are there any members that are using Ariba for this category.  Would be keen to learn how you manage this in Ariba.?

      Regards Rod

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          Mary Belin Novice



          Has anyone responded to you on this topic?  We are also looking to possibly use Ariba for this category as we have the module.  I'm looking to talk to other who have used, currently using or thinking about using it. mary.belin@searshc.com



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              Beverly Dunn Master

              Hi Rod and Mary,


              Ariba Services Procurement drives immediate savings by capturing complex services spend—exercising process, price and supplier compliance and reducing maverick spend, payments and invoice over-billing to help you actually realize savings that were negotiated through sourcing.  A typical company has 30 to 70 percent of its spend in services. One highly visible area is contingent labor, however it is rarely the only area. A complete solution must be able to handle all categories of services spend. Ariba Services Procurement addresses every type of service from consulting and projects, to temp labor and print services.


              Enforcing process, price and supplier compliance for all services is required for effective control of spend. Ariba guides process compliance through tailored drivers (contingent labor, consulting, marketing, print services and generic) that capture required services-specific data and automate the workflow and approvals. Required and preferred suppliers are automatically presented for consideration and collaboration. Rate cards enforce earlier negotiated pricing and provide a starting point for further collaboration and savings.


              Ariba Services Procurement is delivered as part of Ariba Procurement or Ariba Procurement Content. Ariba Procurement provides rapid savings through compliance of process, price and suppliers along with total spend visibility. Ariba Procurement Content unlocks the value of your existing procurement system—providing access to a single content source for all commodities and ensuring procurement compliance in an easy-to-use intuitive search experience. Please reach out to your Ariba Account Executive or Customer Success Manager to find out which solution is right for you.


              Some benefits include:


              Services Spend Visibility

              • Spend can now be sourced more effectively, increasing purchasing power

              • Compliance

              • Process - Savings through streamlined processes

              • Price - Savings from purchasing at the right price

              • Supplier - Savings from purchasing from the right vendor

              • Broad adoption through the intuitive interface places more spend under control

              • E-procurement’s largest supplier network facilitates collaboration and business with suppliers

              • On demand delivers quick time to value and rapid payback

              • Integrated within the end-to-end Ariba Spend Management solutions - Ariba provides one platform for sourcing, contracts, procurement, invoicing and analysis


              Visit http://www.ariba.com/solutions/procurement/servicesprocurement.cfm for more information


              Beverly Dunn

              Ariba Customer Success