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    How to select all  published profile questions?

    Ravi Kuraganti Newbie

      here is the query I have:

      to get Slice Id:

      select p, a, o.SystemId, a.SliceId, o.Name.PrimaryString, o.TimeCreated, o.TimeUpdated from ariba.sourcing.content.Alternative a,
      ariba.sourcing.content.profile.ProfileValues p, ariba.user.core.Organization o, RFX include inactive where p.Values=a and p.ParentObject = o
      and o.Name like 'Cognizant Technology Solutions, Inc%'

      to get all profile questions:

      select j, j.SliceId, j.Item.Numbering, Rtrim(j.Item.ItemId) as SeqNum, j.Item.Definition.Attributes.Name.DefaultStringTranslation,

      where j.SliceId in ('1426') and j.NextVersion is null
      and j.Item.NextVersion is null and Status=0

      The Second query is not returning all active published questions in my test environment. Can any suggest the changes to my where caluse?