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    On-Premise User Group: Innovation Session Recaps

    Rachel Barger Newbie


      Concerns from customers are concentrated in:

      -          Level of innovation in T&E

      -          Supplier data management

      -          Find/replace users or account elements

      -          Order of invoice processing, receipt assignment, FIFO vs. LILO

      -          Reporting metrics, transactional, cycle times, user performance

      -          P-cards and double tax when entered wrong

      -          ET as invoice? Too much process?

      -          Archive doesn’t maintain attachment

      -          Meagan can send network country guide

      -          Catalogues: punch-out price audit, search, freight calls


      Key concerns of Ariba customers in this time of innovation involve:

      -          More “functional” description

      -          Lack of confidence because no responses in tixs.

      -          Not all app. Teams are equal

      -          Service pack quality

      -          Confusion between onD and onP features

      -          Responses on spend visibility

      -          Request special weekend support

      -          App. Management participate on exchange?

      -          More confidence in SPs

      -          “help us help you” document

      -          Provide info twice- once to TSS and once to engineering

      -          Asked for info that is on the ticket

      -          Lack of internal knowledge on known issues

      -          “known issues” descriptions not clear

      -          Escalate to receive support

      -          Transition of business options, suggest who to call

      -          Exchange: not enough Ariba responses

      -          Organisation hierarchies savings tracking

      -          Mass edit

      -          Search all shown under a user