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    Search issues?  CWs & Sourcing projects

    Mike Uddin Expert

      Over the past several weeks, we have been experiencing several incidents of contract workspaces being created which subsequently cannot be found---even using the Contract ID (Exact Match): field.  This morning, we also found searching for some sourcing & SPM projects returned no results despite using the exact match, an exact title,... etcetera.


      Ariba was able to replicate the search issues, validating our concern.  One proposed workaround has been to Act As the user who is the Owner of the workspace/project, and comb through their recently-viewed.


      Have any other customers of Ariba OnDemand experienced this searching issue across modules since late July?  If so, have you uncovered a root cause?

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          Ryan Hutnick Journeyman



          During the time period you have mentioned we have experienced some searching issues and have been working diligently to resolve. We have received feedback from numerous customers and have been able to sift through them to determine if they are related to an existing report or we work to determine what the new cause is.


          If you are experiencing search results that are not returning the expected results, please log a Service Request with Ariba Support (Use Connect.ariba.com) with the following details:

          - User performing the search

          - Date/time of the search

          - Search criteria (What values did you enter into which fields, below are examples):

               - Title

               - Contract ID

               - Contract ID (Exact match)    

          - Expected result


          With this information we should be able to replicate the search results and determine if you are hitting a new issue or if there is some other explanation.




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            Tim Fabiniak Master

            I had some issues with this and thought I went crazy. I had better luck with title search when unchecking Title Word Search under Search Options. (This worked when searching for a partial title for a document, not sure if it'll help for the IDs.)