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    Embedded Worksheets with questions

    Diana Stapleton Apprentice

      Recently, we have heard from consultants (engaged in some of our sourcing projects) that embedded worksheets in eSourcing tools are a best practice. It seems odd that they would say that. Does anyone have an opinion on this, or any words of wisdom for curbing that perspective?

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          Tim Fabiniak Master

          That doesn't sound like a best practice to me. That sounds like a bad habit (or perhaps "workaround") learned back in the days when eSourcing tools didn't have the smorgasbord of useful features and functionality that's available now.


          (And I'd be sure to use "smorgasbord" when you tell them! )


          That's just my opinion, of course, and that said, I think it all depends on the specific case. There are times where using Excel certainly makes sense - and when you think you need to use Excel (and if you're an On-Demand customer), be sure to look into the Customized Offline Response Sheet functionality that shipped with 10s2. It allows you to link responses in an Excel sheet you customize for the event to lines in Ariba. It's pretty awesome.

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            Pam Harris Apprentice



            What's the specific scenario?