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    Bulk change of Workspace roles

    Chris St. John Apprentice

      We have 1,000+ contracts that have the right Team Members but the no roles are assigned. We would like to add the role "Observer Team Member" to many contracts.


      Has anyone had this issue? any work arounds except manual entry?


      Thank you

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          Ryan Hutnick Journeyman

          Hi Chris,


          Like you mentioned, manually updating the contracts is the most common method to resolving this scenario. One other method is to enable an option to upgrade the workspace to a new version of the template. *This option will only work if the workspaces do not have assembled documents (Contract Addendums or Main Agreements.) The upgrade would only happen when the project owner amends the workspace but you could also do this through an "Administrative" amendment.


          Here's a brief summary of the steps. If you'd like additional information, please submit a ticket through Connect and Support can continue to work with you.

          • CW123 has Team A with no roles (this would match the template version it was created from)
          • You would need to update the template the contracts were created from so that Team A would have the roles you desire.
          • Contact support to enable to option to upgrade the workspace template version.
          • Upon Amendment, you could see an option that states "Do you want to want to upgrade to the latest version of the template"
            • If the user selects yes, the workspace would pick up the new Project Group updates
            • If no, then the workspaces remains as is and the permissions are not added to the team


          There are a few other details that may deter you from using this option, such as the option to upgrade will be visible on all workspaces, it can't be controlled on a per template basis.


          I would submit a Service Request with Connect to get complete details and to work with our team to see if the template upgrade will work for you or not.




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              Chris St. John Apprentice

              Ryan, this is beautiful and brilliant and just what we need. We are in the process of upgrading from Contract Basic to Contract Pro and this is the perfect time to do this.


              I have raised this with support and they basically told me it couldn't be done and I should jump in a lake.


              Maybe you can mention this approach to them and I will work with our PM to update our template.


              The negatives you site are not really an issue for us, we use one template for all contracts. I don't see any issue with updating to the latest and greatest version especially if it can assign the roles correctly.


              Thanks again,



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                  Ryan Hutnick Journeyman



                  Not sure, but I don't think jumping in a lake was an approved response


                  If you are working with our team on the deployment of Contracts Pro mention this thread to your point of contact. They can get in touch with us in Support to see if there may be another reason why this can't be done. I'm not fully up to date on your company's data so this approach may not be applicable. I'd be happy to at least provide input and options if they are available to you.



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                Sharon Horton, PMP Master

                Great response Ryan.  I'd only like to add comments on best practices in setting up templates in the first place - We strongly recommend that all templates have the following groups on the teams tab:  Contract Observers (or some such name) with the role of Observer Team Member and Contract Editors (or some such name) with the role of Contract Administrator.  If  you have these 2 from the start, you can set up most of the roles, permissions and accesses you want through mass edit to the Team Group Members and setting the workspace access control to Private to Team Members.


                This simple step would avoid any later need for template upgrades that might also be prevented by the presence of an assembled document.