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    Tracking user activities

    Robin Labrijn Apprentice

      Question: for security reasons it is important for us to track user activities on all contract workspaces. Is there a possibility to monitor these activities?

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          Beverly Dunn Master

          Hi Robin,


          I am a Customer Success Manager at Ariba tasked with helping our customers with driving adoption, usage and knowledge of our solutions.  I would like to answer your question.



          The History tab displays an audit trail for tracking changes to or activity in projects. The audit trail pulls database log and user login activities and actions to show who edited header fields, who opened documents and when, who completed tasks and when, and so forth. The audit trail is visible to the project owner and to team members who have permission to either manage the project or view the audit log. To display the History tab, choose Actions > Display > Full View in the project’s Overview area.


          For example:



          Viewing Details of Audit Trail Entries

          You can view the details of audit entries if the value in the Details field is underlined. In this example, you can click


          Edited for the first entry. The system displays the details for the event:

          Food Beverage and Tobacco Products was added to Contract Workspace (Procurement) Commodity





          Filtering Audit Trail Entries


          The Search Filter area enables you to filter audit trail entries on the following fields:





          User--Select the type of entry. To select audit entries for activities performed on the project, choose Workspace. To select all entry types, choose No Choice
          • Title -- This enables you to specify words in the title of the audit entry.

          • Overview Field Name --The choices are dependent on the value of the Type field.   If you want to use this field, choose a value for Type other than No Choice.

          • Contract Attributes --The system displays meaning choices only if the project is a contract workspace and the value for Type is Workspace.


          Click Search after you have specified filter values.


          For example, you can choose Type > Workspace and Overview Field Name > Commodity to display all audit entries for events related to the Commodity field.


          I hope you found this helpful.  For more tips, ideas and Best Practices, be sure to join our Customer Success Group on Exchange --  click here!


          Beverly Dunn

          Manager, Customer Success


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            jreeves Master

            When you say, "Track user activities" do you mean you want to know every button and page they go to or when they login and logout?  Can you tell me what security concerns you are trying to address?