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    Contingent Labor (Temp Labor)

    Mary Belin Novice

      Looking to speak with individuals who have used, currently used or looking to use the on-demand Ariba Services Procurement module to manage some or all of their contingent labor program.  I would love to get feedback mary.belin@searshc.com


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          johna1 Apprentice

          I would like to discuss this with someone as well.

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              Tommy Lee Master

              Are there any specific flows or capabilities you are interested in getting more information on which might benefit the entire community?

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                  johna1 Apprentice

                  Tommy on behalf of my colleague who works this category, here is our



                  When issuing Request for Resources through RFP process, to keep it simple

                  we set up different sections for description; typical

                  duties/responsibilities of role; and skill and education

                  We only ask for resumes and costs so that we can conduct a simple

                  evaluation.  We  have no control over how many resumes a vendor will

                  submit; some will submit only one or two, others dozens.  At this time,

                  the end user must do a comparison of these resumes received outside of

                  Ariba in their own spreadsheet and then come back in Ariba to evaluate

                  submissions generally overall.


                  This is not a desired process, so the big question is how can we evaluate

                  multiple resumes from one vendor that are to be compared against the same

                  education and skill set, and then evaluate one vendor against another

                  while maintaining a level playing field.


                  Best Regards


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                      Tommy Lee Master

                      Hi Angela,


                      It sounds like you trying to construct an RFP for labor so I would pose the question to the Sourcing User Group to see if anyone has developed a contingent labor template or can share any practices on sourcing for labor and specifically on how to make the best use of the content creation and scoring capabilities for your purpose.


                      However you may also want to also consider looking at the capabilities of Ariba Services Procurement which is specifically designed for evaluation of temporary labor.  In fact, one of the requested features is to add a side-by-side comparison of candidates which is a feature currently under evaluation by our Product Management group.


                      More information on Services Procurement can be found below:

                      Services Procurement Overview


                      Let me know if you need more information.



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                  Debbie Curtis-Magley Master

                  Hi Mary:


                  Some of Ariba's customers participate in our reference program, where we have scheduled calls with customers who share insights and experiences about their use of Ariba solutions. If you'd like to participate in a call to hear from another Procurement customer, contact your Customer Engagement Executive or Account Executive for assistance.


                  Debbie Curtis-Magley

                  Ariba Exchange Community Manager