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    Downloading Multiple Service Pack List of Defects/Fixes and Changes?

    Michael Cusack Expert

      Just wondering if anyone has found a good way to gather the list of defects and fixes for a given release when there have been 6 releases since your previous Service Pack Upgrade?  For example, you are on SP 10 today.  You would like to upgrade to SP17.  On connect, you can select the SP17 link, and be presented with list of defects fixed in SP17.  However, these are the defects for that single Service Pack.  If you want Detailed Descriptions, you can also choose that option.  In order to get all the defects with detailed description for each SP since SP10, you have to select that SP, then list and export that list to Excel.  This takes time and is quite tedious.  I know you can get defects listed for All Versions, but not with the Detailed Description.


      Has anyone found an easier way to do this?  I would love if you could pick a starting SP #, and an ending SP # and have it generate a list of all defects and fixes, including detailed description.    This would make it much easier for us to handle an upgrade.


      I would be happy to hear other's thoughts on this.