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    Buyer/PO question for commerce in Asia-Pac

    Mike Propsom Novice

      On behalf of one of my customers  using Ariba Buyer, I'm inquiring about a specific use case in Asia-Pac.  They've recently come across a requirement in Japan to apply a physical  seal or stamp to PO's. Has anyone had experience with getting around  this issue in Japan? Additionally, any experience you can lend around  using the Ariba Network in Asia-Pac is much appreciated.


      Mike Propsom
      Ariba, Inc.
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          Jimmy Hakkim Journeyman

          Totally throwing this out there Mike....


          Could the company logo that is added to the PO's also contain a combined image including the stamp?


          The only other option that comes to mind, assuming that the "stamp" is a bunch of text, put this into the T&C's that are included at the bottom of every PO. Or provide a link in the T&C's that point to a webpage that references the "stamp".


          If this is Buyer and not P2P, then I'm sure we could customize an image to be added to each PO.