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    Equipment Evaluation Agreements

    Rachel Penuliar Newbie

      At my company, we have Equipment Evaluation Agreements where the Supplier agrees to let us evaluate products/equipment for a specified period of time at no charge.  I want to know how other companies have utilized contract workspaces for these types of agreements.

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          Sharon Horton, PMP Master

          Typically, we usually see product evaluation agreements all as workspaces in Ariba because the contracts include warranties and obligations and may also have terms of confidentiality that need to be tracked.  Notification tasks can be set up for any key dates as reminders, such as assessment reports due and reminders to gather the equipment for return.  The normal contract expiration reminders are used for the normal termination of the evaluation period.  At the end of the agreement, the agreement can either be closed or a follow-on equipment purchase or lease agreement can then be negotiated.  Obviously, if this transaction type is common with a supplier - i.e. an IT equipment supplier - you can set up a master and the each evaluation "event" can be a Schedule sub-agreement.  For suppliers where you have a master equipment agreement, if you've included terms for evaluations right in the master, then again, the evaluation can be a Schedule sub-agreement.