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    Moving from Contract Compliance to Contract Management

    David Lugar Novice

      We are going to begin using Contract Management Pro.  We presently have Contract Compliance in our P2P On-demand platform.  My question do you have any best practices for our users who in Contract Compliance created Contracts which we were able to invoice against.  I am having problems trying in out test environment trying to create CW that will act similar to what we previously created in Contract compliance.  We plan to use in the beginning the Repository functionality first,

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          rmyroniuk Expert

          Hello David,


          I logged into your polyOne-T account and noticed that you are not integrated yet. In order to make the link from Upstream Contracts Pro to Downstream P2P your realms will need to be integrated. Once they are integrated you can make the link from your contract workspace via the documents tab. By clicking on the documents tab you will see an option after clicking the action button titled, "Contract Terms". When you select this option the system will navigate you through the screens you are familiar with in P2P.


          I am not sure of the details on how you will be deploying Contract’s Pro, but Ariba typically integrates during the deployment. This cannot be done right way since there are some technical implications that need to be reviewed by both Ariba and PolyOne.


          Hope that helps,


          Robert Myroniuk

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            Kevin Dvorchak Expert

            A bit late in responding, but this is definlty something that you would want to see in action first, and then build a plan around. When working in an integrated enviornment, the two objects, the ACW workpace and the ACC Contract Request-Contract are directly linked and share some common elements such as "effective and Expriation Dates" and common supplier. You can not have a Draft Compliance Contract and a Published ACW workspace so to say that are linked. To amend one automatically amends the other. A demonstration would be the first step I'd recomend.