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    ASN CXML PunchOutOrderMessage Mapping

    Lars De Jong Expert



      I need to find out how the mapping occurs when you punchout to a Suppliers website and bring the items back into the  Ariba Buyer Requistion?


      We have GST ( Tax Compliance)  in our Ariba Buyer instance, we have an GST object that has been created in our DB, so when  a user creates an Internal Catalogue item one of the entries in this object is selected: GST Free (0% tax) or GST Tax (10 % tax).


      The issue we have using the punchout is that I can punchout to he Suppliers website and bring the items back into Ariba but the GST is not populated.


      When I look at the logs and the PunchoutOrderMessage for the items there is a Tax component:

                <Money currency="AUD">1.90</Money>
                <Description xml:lang="en">GST</Description>


      But I am not sure how to map his information into the GST object?