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    Supplier naming conventions

    Andrew Gill Master



      Does anyone have a supplier naming convention that they're willing / able to share?


      We're running into duplication problems and looking at how to tackle that






      Andrew Gill | Global eSourcing Manager | Reed Elsevier


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          Arshan.Bomanjee Master

          Andrew, you can use the following supplier naming convention in Ariba:




          where a is the first character of the first name and bcdef are the last name characters. For example: j_smith for John Smith or a_gill for Andrew Gill


          In case of duplicate names, you can include a number in the username. So, in the above example, if there is a second John Smith, then you could create a username as j_smith2 and so on.


          A second option is to have the email address of the supplier user as the username.


          Hope this is helpful.



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              Andrew Gill Master

              Hi Arshan


              Thanks so much for the reply.


              I was thinking more about the way we use the Supplier Name field for naming our trading partners i.e. for our company, are we


              Reed Elsevier Inc

              Reed Elsevier, Inc.

              REED ELSEVIER INC


              Remembering that Ariba regards the supplier name as case sensitive, all three of these would be duplicate records for one organisation