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    Ariba Auto Receiving feature.

    Matt Benusa Novice



      My company recently enabled the Ariba auto receipt feature.  Since making the change we have discovered some limitations that have made it difficult to use the auto receiving functionality.


      To name a few obstacles,


      1. Auto receiving is scheduled based on supplier lead time.  This would work great if a supplier and carrier service always delivered the product on time.  Because my company uses Ariba to purchase inventory items we find that our inventory levels are not accurate when product gets received before we actually receive it. Ideally we would be able to select which vendors we would like to have items auto received.

      2. Auto receipts cannot be edited.  If for some reason we need to back out an auto receipt there is currently no way to do this.

      3. Need the ability to over ride an auto receipt. EX: receiving should be able to manually receive if the product arrives early.


      More flexibility is needed in order for my company to continue to use auto receipts.  I'm just wondering if there is anyone else who has come across some of these same obstacles when choosing to enable this feature.  Maybe, if others are struggling, we could get a few enhancements to make auto receiving more flexible.


      Thanks for reading,

      Matt Benusa.

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          Deepak Sanghi Master

          Hello Matt,


          We have typically seen customers using auto-receiving for non-critical purchases and not for something that is inventoried. If you update the inventory picture based on the auto-receipts created in P2P, it could be wrong.


          We do have #2 and #3 of your concerns on our roadmap. Once it is finalized, I will come back and update this thread. I don't have your #1 concern on our roadmap for now but I do know that many customers have requested for something like this and the ability to manually override auto-receiving option during requisitioning.



          Deepak Sanghi

          Solution Manager - P2P

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              irene woon Newbie



              Our current system setup, auto receiving feature works for certain value of threshold by regionally. Can the functionality be drilled down to country, entity or location level instead of region? Reason being, certain country in Asia Pacific would like to have threshold value to be bring down to zero, while others would like to remain as USD 500 with auto receiving turn on. Is this possible?

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              Bill Voltz Newbie



              Has there been any enhancements to the auto receive feature specific to what Matt asked about? My company would like to use the feature, but also needs the ability to specify auto receiving by supplier, and needs the ability to edit the receipt.



              Bill Voltz

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                  Deepak Sanghi Master

                  Hello Bill,


                  Thanks for checking with us. We have been able to solve the following problems in recent service packs:


                  1. Users can now edit the auto-receipts in case they didn't receive the goods or the goods had to be returned or in case of other problems.

                  2. Once a line in an auto-receipt is edited, that line in the PO becomes manually received item for future receiving. If the user creates a new version of the PO, the line would return back to the auto-receipts as per the system configuration.

                  3. This allows the users to cancel the auto-received POs which was the main problem with the auto-receipt functionality.


                  This solves #2 and #3 in Matt's original request. We have notyet worked on making the auto-receiving configuration by suppliers as Matt requested in #1.


                  In case you need any further clarifications, you could add a reply to this thread or reach out to me at my official email address: dsanghi@ariba.com.



                  Deepak Sanghi

                  Ariba P2P Solution Manager.