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    Choice Is Good

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      The vendor market place for business commerce solutions is a cluttered space by any measure.  While some have pioneered as a one-stop-shop for Collaborative Sourcing and Contract Management, Procure to Pay and Collaborative Finance solutions, many others have excelled in providing specialized point solutions ( eg- Supplier Information/ Performance Management solutions, P2P solutions, CLM solutions, Invoice Management etc).


      I would be forgiven if I’d say that the customer is spoilt for choice. With differing needs, priorities and technology adaption maturity across multiple teams in the organization, there is surely a case to work with a myriad set of specialist product vendors that offer point solutions with a slew of cool features and dashboards to go along.  Or does it hold merit to have an eye on the big picture and opting for an end-to-end business commerce solutions provider who addresses business challenges more than being a technology provider.

      left or Right.JPG


      We are curious to know how you went about making the choice between the two. Pick your top three criteria (and supporting reasons ) from the set of options below.


      -          Features and Functionalities

      -          Integration Strengths

      -          Cost

      -          Perceived Risk

      -          Value Delivered ( Lower TCO, Process Improvements, Business Alignment etc) 

      -          Brand Value

      -          Technology Maturity

      -          References ( Customers/ Analysts)

      -          Long Term Strategic Intent

      -          Others ( Please Mention )


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