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    Supplier Profile Questionnaire - workflow

    Linda Penner Novice

      We are on the On Demand platform in upstream, 9r1 downstream hybrid model.


      We are implementing the self-registration for the Supplier Profile Questionnaire in On Demand.  The supplier will choose from a list of commodities the appropriate one for their goods/services.  We want to be able to route the submitted profile to the appropriate Category Manager that manages that commodity either for approval or simply for notification to review the profile. We have over 100 Category Managers.  How do we manage automatically routing the supplier to the correct CM based on the commodity chosen?  I know there is a way to assign large numbers with team rules in Contracts, but will this work with the Supplier Profile?  Otherwise, how is this done?  I can't imagine that everyone has only 1 or 2 people managing their supplier base and manually routing them out.  This seems very inefficient when technology should be able to do it.


      Thanks for any good practices or suggestions!