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    Ariba integration for Sourcing events

    Frédéric Henri Expert

      Hi everyone,


      I know the question was asked before (and also on Ariba knowedge) but I'd like to check for latest status as we are in early stage of the integration project.


      Has anyone implemented web services integration with SAP (or another ERP/Middleware) for sourcing event creation ?

      we are looking to integrate with Tibcoto create the sourcing events as part of a sourcing project (buyer will invite the suppliers)

      documents (any documents, might be link as well) should be created in the sourcing project too.


      we are running on 9r1 latest SP (Upstream only, no Buyer) I am looking for any tech doc (how to), advice, etc ...




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          Juan Barrera Apprentice

          Hello Frédéric,


          There are some On-Premise customers that had done the ERP to Sourcing integration using Web Services. Nowadays, Ariba On-Demand provides all the connectivity out of the box, but for CD or On-Premise you will have to do some custom coding.


          Here is a sample flow utilized by other customers, and very similar to the On-Demand OOTB:


          The integration between Ariba and the CUSTOMER is achieved using the WebServices technology using “Apache Axis” to implement WebServices, whereas, the CUSTOMER could use Microsoft’s .NET, SAP XI, Oracle Fusion, Web Methods or other. The integration enables messages to be sent back and forth between the two systems. The following are the messages needed for the implementation.

          • Create Project

          When a Project is created in ACM, the project information is carried over from ACM to the CUSTOMER. ACM (Ariba) sends a SOAP message containing the project information over to CUSTOMER. The CUSTOMER ERP stores this project in the database and makes it available to downstream applications.

          • Add Parts

          Parts can be uploaded directly from the CUSTOMER system into a project in ACM. The parts are sent as a SOAP message from CUSTOMER's ERP to ACM (Ariba). The parts will appear in an excel file under the Documents tab for that project. This file will also be in a published state, so that it can be moved directly to AS (Ariba Sourcing) without any modifications.

          • Add Suppliers/Participants

          I will suggest to manually enter the Suppliers using the UI, but you might also be able to create a Web Service to load participants, but this part I haven't done in On-Primes.

          • Export Data

          Data gets exported from Ariba Sourcing to CUSTOMER. This export is triggered by a message sent from the CUSTOMER. The message is configured to be sent once a day (around midnight). If necessary the message can also be sent on demand, whenever there is a need to trigger the data export ahead of the scheduled time. The export data is sent as a SOAP message and contains bid and/or award data. The following rules are applied to determine what data is exported and when it is exported.

          • Start Time is defined as the last time that data was successfully exported
          • End Time is defined as the time of the request.
          • Any event for which bidding has ended between the start time and end time
          • Any event which has closed between the start time and end time
          • For all such events, all the bid data and award data is exported.

          The award data may include cost breakdown if available.


          From the coding standpoint the Ariba side uses Java for the request and response; you will have to become familiar on how to implement the following jar files and modify the messageconfiguration and messagedefinition tables appropiedly:

          • classes/axis.jar
          • classes/axis-ant.jar
          • classes/wsdl.jar


          I hope this helps a little.




          Juan P. Barrera

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              Frédéric Henri Expert

              Thanks Juan,


              This is good information, thanks for sharing


              regarding the Create Project message, I thought we could directly directly the project from the CUSTOMER ERP, potentially in cases of events created from the ERP, we'd use the Quick Project feature (at least in a first stage) Is it something you've been looking as well ?


              we will give a deeper look -




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                  Juan Barrera Apprentice

                  Yes, you can make a call to create the project from the CUSTOMER ERP, all you have to do is to be able to create a Java Servlet to read the ERP data and populate the embedded MS Excel file needed for the Sourcing Event Web Service. But either if is a Full Project or a Quick Project you will have to make two Web Service Calls:


                  1. The first Web Service is to create a Project, for either full or quick projects, and the returning value will be the newly created Project Id. In the Quick project case you will have to go to the Sourcing Templates in your administrator screen, open the RFP you want to use and the it will open as document in a Project Template, take the Template Id from the Project and use it in your WSDL as in the <TemplateId> tag.
                  2. The second Web Service call will be needed to create the RFX event within the project using the returning Project Id from the first Web Service call.





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                  Daryl Jimenez Expert



                  This is good info. May I ask if it is possible to initiate a Purchase Requisition in ERP out of the Sourcing Event result from Ariba? This means Sourcing Event / RFx Award is being exported out of Ariba, sent to ERP, which then triggers PR creation in ERP (e.g. SAP).




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                  Laurent Low Expert



                  Cld we make use of the Ariba web-service calls to

                  a.  Initiate creating a sourcing project from a Requisition  (PR)  , and exporting PR Lines into the Soucing Project / RFX document

                  b.  Once Sourcng Event is concluded, the proposed award details are exported from Sourcing Project into the PR

                  c.  Once PR is fully approved ,  a signal is sent to Sourcing Project to release the Award details


                  What are the avaliable APIs or classes can we use ?