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    eProject Question

    HoneywellDoug Newbie

      Hello all,


      I am using Ariba eProject, and have created a sourcing project, and added team members as part of the sourcing team.  I have set each of the team member's role as Active Team Member. I have requested that each of the team members upload some documents to the project.


      I would like to ask a question regarding access control to these documents.  Does anyone know how I can limit access to each specific document to only the owner (me), and a specific team member?


      We are "in between" Ariba experts in our department (previous person in this role has left and we are looking to replace him, so I don't have a go to person internally on this.


      Any help would greatly be appreciated!





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          Sharon Horton, PMP Master



          I'm not a sourcing expert, but my thoughts are to change the Access Control to Owner Only (you) on the document attributes and then making the correct team member an Editor.  Now the document is only even visible to the 2 of you.  If you want a further refinement, that is, the document is visible and downloadable by the other team members but only editable/uploadable by the 2 of you, you may need to fiddle a little with the Roles (perhaps using Observer Team Member) in conjunction with the Access Control and Editor Attributes.