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    Suite Integration

    Jason Tenter Journeyman

      My organization has just finished a suite integration process, and we've been running into some unexpected challenges that haven't been outlined by Ariba.  We had Spend Visibility and Sourcing, and have just added Invoice Pro and Contract Pro.  We were not aware this would take place, but we began having the Invoice Pro data appear directly in Spend Vis.  We've also begun to see Contract Pro fields appear in our reporting tool.


      Our organization is currently filtering out all P2P data using a Group that filters out 'SSP-generic' data within the Source System field.  Our Invoice Pro data is exported daily for accounting, and then re-imported.  We're eager to use the EIPP data, and the Contract Pro data as well (if possible,) for different types of reporting, if we can.


      I'm wondering if other users have gone through this process, and what steps you've taken to manage P2P data?  Also, have you found a way to utilize Contract data for reporting purposes?  It would be great to begin a discussion where users can compare their strategies, because I haven't seen any resources detailing response strategies for Spend Vis.

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          Gretchen Harms Expert

          Hi, Jason. We are using SpendViz extensively for both upstream and downstream reporting. We'd be happy to chat with you about our reporting successes and challenges. Feel free to contact me directly and we can set up an introduction conference call if you'd like.