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    Dashboard Loading Issues

    Jason Tenter Journeyman

      Hello everyone,


      My company is currently having issues with our query load times in our Spend Visibility dashboards.  This may be because of the complexity of data that we're working with, and we're currently experimenting with using mat views and simplifying our reports.  I'm wondering, though, if other users on AE have had similar load time issues with their dashboards, and what steps you may have taken to improve the situation?  How successful have they been?


      It would be great to hear from anyone who is having similar difficulties, just to see if other organizations are experiencing the same problems.

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          Tristan Robinson Novice

          Hi Jason-


          One thing you can try is creating multiple dashboard tabs for different user groups and placing smaller and more specific reports on those tabs. You can also create unique dashboards for specific user groups. For instance, you could create a dashboard or tab for each of your commodity teams and have reports filtered down to their specific commodities on those dashboards.


          For individual reports, is there any out-of-scope spend or suppliers you could filter out to reduce the size of the report and increase the processing speed?


          I'm not sure if this meets your business needs, but let me know what you think.





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              Jason Tenter Journeyman

              Hi Tristan,


              Thank you for your response, you make some helpful suggestions.  Currently we do break-up our reports based on specific focus - my team currently works with two sets of dashboards, one set has seven tabs, and the other has eight. 


              We also currently filter out a lot of data that's out-of-scope, but I have been worried that adding additional filters may create processing problems.  Adding filters can help reduce the results that other filters run through, but I'm wondering if there are problems that can arise from having too many filters, or whether there's a logic to the order in which the tool runs the filters (i.e. one filter may significantly reduce the work of other filters, but may be run last depending on how the analytical system processes the filters..)   


              That may be a question that I'd need answered from someone on the analytical team at Ariba, but if you had any insight into this, Tristan, it would be great to hear your thoughts.  I'm looking for any input that can help our dashboards because they do seem to take longer to load than we've been told they should.


              Thanks again for your feedback,