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    Deleting unnecessary email templates? (particularly in SPM)

    Mike Uddin Expert

      Is there an alternate means to delete unnecessary email templates from SPM project/survey templates?  I see the option to Customize, and subsequently two buttons are presented: Edit or Delete.  The latter appears greyed out so that I cannot remove the nonsensical email templates which would never be sent from a SPM survey.


      By default, should the Sourcing email templates be removed from SPM and instead have email templates which are specific to SPM?

      1. For example, what need would a SPM event have for emails such as: Update prerequisite review status, Prebid end time reminder, Lot reopened, Lot closing time extended/reduced, Event prebid closing time extended/reduced, Envelope opened, Envelope declined, Bid is deleted, Bidding ends; event moves to 'Pending Selection' state?
      2. Instead, the relevant email templates for SPM are likely just the following: Publish Event, Invitation for participants who have not used Ariba before, Lock Participant, UnInvite a Participant, Event reopened, Event edited and republished, Event end date reminder, ---and--- Event closing time extended/reduced


      If you have found a way to remove email templates, I am all ears.  Meanwhile, I am awaiting a response to SR#1-695778891 as to when Ariba will restore the crucial Email Token functionality.  Thank you,

      - Mike