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    Pcard global implementation questions

    Rama Yepuri Novice

      We are working on Ariba Pcard solution implementation and would like to understand how other Ariba customers implemented it.

      We have some questions around the international restrictions/problems in rolling out this module.


      Any implementation insights for these countries : UK, Mexico, China, Brazil, India, USA would be helpful for us.


      I am interested to know:

      How the VAT tax considerations are handled in UK and other European countries?

      What are the challenges in utilizing Pcard in Mexico?

      Any issues in making payment though Pcard in China instead of traditional invoice going through tax software?

      Any concerns in Brazil for integrated receiving when receiving is out of scope for Pcard purchases.

      Any problems in using Pcard in India? Any issues in handling various state taxes?

      Any watch outs for US?


      Any legal considerations and best practices to share?


      Rama Yepuri