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    Selection criteria for Contract Compliance

    Greg Keeling Apprentice

      Hello, I was wondering if anyone had developed a set of selection criteria to determine which contracts to mark-up for compliance using InvoicePro?


      Specifically, do you provide invoicing against contracts based on some or any of the following criteria:

      • Commodity or category
      • Contract value
      • Number of annual invoices
      • Number of goods or services available to be purchased
      • Only against a rate-card or other fixed-price items
      • Based on supplier request


      It would be interesting to know how other companies have arrived at their decisions for determining which contracts to invoice against vs. issuing POs vs. regular invoicing.


      Thank you.



        • Re: Selection criteria for Contract Compliance
          Gretchen Harms Expert

          Hi, Greg. We do not use InvoicePro, but we do use Contract Compliance extensively and are ramping up for additional Blanket Purchase Orders in 2012. At a high level, we mostly focus on service agreements that have pricing structures defined in the contract. These can be fixed fee, demand-based time & materials, or both. As long as the accounting allocations are consistent for each billing cycle, we've had success with this model. When the allocations change month-to-month, we are unable to accommodate them easily in Ariba. We would be happy to have a call with you offline to discuss in more detail if you wish. We have several Enhancement Requests that we've submitted also, if you're interested in reviewing with us.