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    Partial Data Migration

    Laurent Low Expert



      We would like to if any customers / implementors has done Partial Data Migration to Ariba 9r1.


      The reason being we have lots of legacy data in the SAP and CSV variants, and we don't want to bring these over to the new Ariba 9r1 instance


      Is it possble to reconfigure / customise the the migration task harness to do partial data migration ? 



      Laurent Low


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          Chandravel Natarajan Novice



          If you dont want to migrate all the data to your new instance, then better go for a fresh installation instead of upgration and load the necessary data.


          Again we can't take the decision only on this parameter for Upgration vs Installation. Do a detailed analysis with more parameters for your decision.



          Chandravel N

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            Laurent Low Expert

            Dear SI and Ariba Consultants


            We are seeking Request for Proposal (RFP) for performing partial data migration. The requirements are as follows


            a.  Migrate only open data ie not fully paid from Ariba Buyer 8.2 instance to Ariba Buyer 9r1 instance.  Migrated data include transaction objects and dependent system objects

            b.  Prepare data migration plan and communications plan

            c.  Perform pre- and post- data migration sanitation checks


            Interested parties please send your proposals to llaurent@dsta.gov.sg by  15 Sep 2012. The proposal shall include the following


            a.  Migration Plan and Approach

            b.  Estimated Duration

            c.  Estimated Cost (in USD or SGD)



            Laurent Low