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    2012 Predictions: What's Next?

    tminahan Master

      It's the most wonderful time of the year. A time for family. A time for friends. And a time for predictions.


      While most economists and prognosticators will offer up macro-economic projections based on home-baked formula and spreadsheets, no one is better tapped into the true lifeblood of commerce than you -- the procurement and finance leaders that are running the business...and your business relationships.


      So let's look into our collective crystal ball and make some fact-based predictions for 2012. In the coming days, I encourage each of you to share your thoughts and expectations on what will happen in the economy, in your industry, and your profession in the coming year:


      • Where is our industry headed?


      • What about the global economy?


      • Will 2012 be better or worse than 2011?


      • What new strategies and tactics will you employ in response to changes in the economy and your business?


      I'll even get things started with a projection of my own: More businesses will begin leveraging some of the cash they've been hoarding and put it to work for them (and their supply chain) by offering more early payment options to suppliers in return for discounts.


      What do you predict for 2012?